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In particular, the invention is applicable to forms that are used in dealings with authorities and are designed as intelligent documents.The static content is, for example, frame information for the production of documents or other information whose updating is done less frequently than with the dynamic content, preferably only at the end of a predetermined time interval or upon reaching an event.

Documents according to the invention are also particularly smart label.If the base products contain identical and are all services of the referenced product in the broadcast product, so applying is possible. - PC Service Flensburg - Computer

Product templates (eg package green) information on selected additional services when related to the impression.On the web pages of a market place operator, a block can be downloaded from the POP application and embedded into their own pages dynamically.In addition, a list of up to three entries at the top of the page is displayed.Contains the assigned by the application to the payment process WarenkorbID.After opening the PDF document is first checked successively if an Internet connection is present, whether the document identification code is valid and whether the label has not already been printed.Such labels are, for example, by a suitable data processing unit - generated - for example a personal computer.The static content is preferably those contents which are suitable for producing multiple documents.These entries describe the first three of the voucher definitions offered in the drop-down list with the stored in the voucher definition standard denomination and the corresponding price.Cases of abuse can be determined in which a franking label is repeatedly used for the franking of mail on the basis of the label identification code.

The recipients of the shipments can create as users of the system label.Optionally, a Voucher Type can be associated with a single square.As the initial target for the pickup address the return address of the first shipment will be used.The invention relates to a method for generating a coatable onto a mailpiece labels.Dieses Verfahren stellt sicher, dass zu beliebigen Kombinationen aus (Basisprodukt, Land) bzw. (Service, Land) ein Preis bestimmbar ist.Furthermore, an email is sent to customers after the payment, which includes a link to the Web page NOW 3 over which the website can be called up again at a later date.Additional information (including prices, although this is not currently provided) already held as numbers or strings.

A single service is preferably defined by the following attributes.The vouchers will then be offered only in this marketplace to buy.

This is cleaved analogously to the routing code library of online label printing from the combined Street number field.Each coupon is assigned a numerical sorting number on the display order can be determined.The overview MAPTOS represents an external entry point into the application POP.

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If the user confirms the correctness of his e-mail address that Now1 page is reloaded.The invention includes various embodiments for production of the label and its expression.The form data include the address of the sender and recipient to be franked mailings, the routing code.The generation of the label is controlled such that a pressure of the labels will only be possible if a verification step has been performed.In a postage printing the valid label is printed, wherein the valid bar codes are requested according to an operation of the corresponding button from the POP server.

As a rule, an IPN is triggered on the PayPal pages immediately after confirming the payment.Modifies a user configuration data of the application will be logged in the reporting these actions tables with user name and a time stamp.Sample results II (the Roman numerals behind prices indicate the price table that will be applied in each case).Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.A development of the method of the intelligent document, the computer program product and apparatus provides that in the intelligent document a program module itself is included, with the information indicating the result of a checking step may be generated.

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Intelligent documents are transmitted from the server over the network to a user client.Here the PDFs in Acrobat Reader to be made following checks on load.

Falls kein Preis bestimmbar ist, wird auch kein Preis angezeigt.This page shows the cart and positions contained in an overview.If necessary, the indication may be overridden in this window.

For printing represents the PDF document provides a custom functionality in the test prints as well as a print of a valid label - hereinafter referred postage printing - can be carried out via corresponding buttons within the document.This WarenkorbID is used by the application for the assignment in the database.Further, the user can specify one or more additional services for the broadcasts.Method and system for protection against replay of an indicium message in a closed system meter.The pressure of the labels is carried out under the iPDF mechanism on the basis of a communication between the user client and the POP server or a part connected to the POP server license server that has access to the document database.The PIN of the user receives immediately after acquisition of the basket on the side NOW3 - provided with a corresponding reference text - displayed.A use of identification data further increases data security.With booked TAS pick-up, it is checked whether the pick-up time point is still valid and the pick-up address is TASleitcodierbar, if this has not yet been checked.

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